2017 Regular Excursion
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2017 Regular Excursion Rates

Ride with us on a 40-mile roundtrip excursion thru Ozark foothills and tunnels. You will learn the history of the area as you cross bridges and trestles. Experience the luxury of rail travel from yesteryear.
Adults (Ages 13 and up) $27.50 Plus Tax
Children (Ages 3 - 12)** $17.00 Plus Tax
Babies (Ages 1 month - 35 months) $0.00 Plus Tax

2017 Regular Excursion Tickets:

Adults (Ages 13 and up)
Children (Ages 3 - 12)**
Babies (Ages 1 month - 35 months)

Arrival Date and Departure:

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AAA 2017 Regular Excursion Tickets

Adults (Ages 13 and up)

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